Editorials Blast the Obama Budget

Yesterday, President Obama released his fiscal year 2013 budget proposal.  The president’s budget request includes the most government spending in American history, the biggest tax increase in history, and the biggest debt in history.  His budget calls for more of the same failed attempts to tax, spend, borrow and bail out our way to job creation.  Not surprisingly, the president’s budget received alarming reviews from Newspaper Editorial board’s across the country, below are a sample of reactions to the president’s plan:


WALL STREET JOURNAL:  “The political reality of budgeting is that voters should only believe what they can see, which is what politicians are proposing now. Promises of future spending cuts are a mirage. Mr. Obama needs to point to the mirage because his fiscal record is the worst in modern American history.”  (Wall Street Journal Editorial, “The Amazing Obama Budget”, 2/14/2012)

WASHINGTON POST:   “…Mr. Obama’s proposed budget for fiscal year 2013 falls short. At the end of the 10-year budget window, he would have the national debt at a disturbing 76.5 percent of gross domestic product… The final budget of his first term does not reflect the leadership on issues of debt and deficit that Mr. Obama once vowed.”  (Washington Post Editorial, “Obama’s budget falls short, but it beats many alternatives, 2/14/2012)


USA TODAY:  “Obama’s budget plan leaves debt bomb ticking… The best test of a budget proposal these days is whether it reins in the national debt… The election-year budget President Obama sent to Congress on Monday fails that test.”  (USA Today Editorial, “Obama’s budget plan leaves debt bomb ticking”, 2/14/2012)


BLOOMBERG:  Budget ‘a wasted opportunity.’ “Do as I say, not as I do. That was the unwelcome message in President Barack Obama’s federal budget for 2013.”  (Bloomberg Editorial, “Obama misses opportunity to tackle tax reform in $3.8 billion budget, 2/14/2012)

LOS ANGELES TIMES:  “…it’s past time for the administration to lay out a credible plan for bringing the deficit and debt under control. Sadly, Obama’s budget proposal shows that he’d rather wait until after the election to have that reckoning.”  (Los Angeles Times Editorial, “Obama’s budget sidesteps the big issue of debt reduction”, 2/14/2012)


WASHINGTON EXAMINER:  “What this country needs is an honest leader who will tell the truth about our entitlement spending crisis and identify real reforms. But Obama’s latest budget does none of that. Instead, he offers double doses of deficits, tax hikes and crony capitalism. America deserves better.”  (Washington Examiner Editorial, “Obama’s budget will put America in the poor house”, 2/14/2012)


THE BOSTON HERALD:  “President Barack Obama has apparently decided that he is not going to be part of the solution to the nation’s enormous deficit — which would make him, yes, part of the problem.”  (The Boston Herald Editorial, “Obama Punts on Budget”, 2/14/2012)


THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE:  “Monday’s document, in truth, is a campaign playbook — the vision of government that Obama hopes voters will reward with a second presidential term.”  (The Chicago Tribune Editorial, “Athens On the Potomac”, 2/14/2012)


THE DETROIT NEWS:  “President Barack Obama’s 2013 budget proposal should be dismissed as a blueprint for his re-election campaign. But it’s worse than that. If passed as presented — and there’s little likelihood of that — the spending plan would lock America on an auto-pilot course for Greece.”  (The Detroit News Editorial, “Obama budget shirks off any pretense to fiscal responsibility”, 2/14/2012)



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